Superhuman - Daniel Kish The Man Blind But He Taught Himself to see.


G. Tichatzky: How blind people can ride a bicycle
AcapelaGroup: Echolocation to perceive environment trough sound: World Access for the Blind  trains the visually impaired to achieve greater freedom through echolocation. Check out the video!
Mohamed Kanfoud: the real batman 
Rose BPOS: He's not Batman, he's a real like Daredevil, Daniel Kish proves that the Daredevil story is actually!
Sajid Nazeem: I saw him in a tamil movie
YoungCrs: I'd be impressed if he can ride that bike in  SF or NY
Vasily Lushpa: Shorts: Daniel Kish's echolocation in action
Jay Khaopanom: We should call him batman?
lairdbearly: Or Daredevil.. The movie with Ben stiller as the blind guy that can "see" by echo with his cane
tae3815: Pretty sure it's Ben affleck no stiller

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