That lil gal getting upset such as a grown women.. LOL.


Deonte Boog Smith: Can't even imagine what her moms like. I feel sorry for that dude lol.
Anna Annarella: Thats fucked up i hate to see her mom
Jackie Rollings: I can only imagine what this little girl hears all the time to talk like that
Kenneth Hooper: its funny now but just u wait!!! she'll b the biggest problem u have ever don't know how to raise kids.
Tara Marie Howell-Straight: Wow, you accept that talk from her papa? My daughter wouldn't dare.
Stacy Sipple: There's no reason that girl needs to b acting like that! Kids learn from their parents so i guess her mom acts like that.
Misty Adkins Lawd: I would've had to snatch that kid up for speaking to an adult like that. If that would have been my child.........I ain't going there.

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