The Most talented people! Must Watch.


Dominik Matějka: talent is something you can see right away... if i now will say "i want to be the fastest" but i have never run, my body statue is weak, and i dont have a good morale... it will take me tons and tonf of practise and hardwork and whatever else and i will never be the best... and then there is the other person who was luckier than me, because he has "a talent"... its more like predisposition - that is a better word... he is on 75% of the route right away, and when he starts to train and practise he will be better than me in no time... that is a talent...
UniqueTriip: I dont really get what u want to point out with the comparison. Why is he on 75% of the route ? Cause he is healthier, has more enthusiasm about it or what ? Cause that is not talent. Lets say there is a guy who is fat and he wants to become good at skateboarding but he wont be as quick as his neighbour who is in good shape, does that mean to u that his neighbour is talented ?

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