The worlds Youngest Murderers.


1ard: +Leah yeah fight racism with racism... that will show them. the news is a joke any way. of course they pick and chose story's that will keep us divided and runing around like chickens with our heads cut off. how else would they control us? distract us with dumb things like race so the government can pass laws that make it legal for them to lie to us.... 

but why does race have to be brought into everything? this had nothing to do with white or black. just because iam white doesn't mean i should be held accountable for the actions of my ancestors... and you saying a whole race is terrible because of the actions of a select few is just as racist and wrong as our ancestors(only 5 percent of the south owned slaves.... keeping in mind they were considered property. you wouldn't go out and hit your car with a bat now would you? no you would take care of it. yes it is wrong to enslave humans and yes there were those who abused them but not everyone was evil.. it all came down to money not race.). news flash there are black people who are just as bad as white people just as racist ... just because your race was enslaved for a short while doesn't mean you have a higher sense of morality.  

Harley Quinn: +1ard "... just because your race was enslaved for a short while doesn't mean you have a higher sense of morality."
How anyone can say this mess without feeling like a glorified bag of garbage is beyond me. But that's white people for you.
'You can't blame me for my ancestors.' 'I'm not racist, I'm colorblind.' 'Fighting racism with racism won't fix anything.'

Racism is institutionalized. The racism that black people refer to is a system of inequality based on race. The racism that white people refer to is feeling bad whenever someone leaves a truthful comment on a YouTube video. Until you can show me a counter argument for the amount of murder cases FLUSHED whenever a cop pulls a gun on a black person equally carried out in the 'white community,' you should probably turn your 'argument function' off.

Mystery man: +Harley Quinn Listen here, jungle bunny. Blacks (the slave race) have NEVER contributed to humanity as a race and remain and plague in this world. They are one of the biggest contributors to crime (50% of all gangmembers in the US being niggers and 23% of all blacks end up in jail) and remain one of the least intelligent race as well as the laziest. 

The IQ gap between whites are niggers is 15 points meaning the average white is smarter than 85% of all Apefricoons. Also, 50% of blacks in the UK remain unemployed.

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