The planet's Most Venomous Snake.


Epic Wildlife: You can swallow venom, just not poison. Venom only affects you if it gets into your blood stream....and if any of this venom gets into your blood... well.. sayonara!
WulfricUlfang: +Nalothisal  Inland taipan/fierce snake has the most potent toxin of any terrestrial snake, though you shouldn't conflate most toxic with most dangerous, the black mamba is arguably the most dangerous. 
The inland taipan is far from the most dangerous snake, I would prefer to bump into an inland taipan than let's say the far less toxic king brown. 
Edit; Have to remember, the inland taipan lives in very remote areas and human contact is rare, also the inland taipan is not known for being too aggressive even when encountered humans. Where as human contact with the black mamba is far more common and the snake is rather aggressive. 
Also, how they measure toxicity might not be exactly how you think, it doesn't go off survival rate if left untreated but more along the lines of parts per-million by weight or some shit like that, I cannot remember exactly how so hopefully someone will stumble by this comment and if they're knowledgeable on the subject and add to the comment. 
Wesley Berryhill: Wesley Taylor you are right the inland taipan snake is actually the deadliest land snake. The deadliest snake in the world is the sea snake.

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