Top funny Trick Compilation!


James: 95% of this video you can learn these magic tricks in a basic magic book for beginners, 3% of the video you can buy the tricks online, and 2% is just fake (and I mean the last video).

Grammas Nazi:This video is proof that god exists.
If these people didn't have a special connection with god, they couldn't perform this physics-defying magic.

SpicyChicken:1. Magnetic separating Pen.
2. Gimmick Coins with shells 3. Rubbers looped around fingers, slight of hand. 4. Water Bottle - Use of physics. Small hole in water bottle he places his thumb over, water stays in until he moves his finger. 5. Cell Phone. Old trick. Simply acting like he's flipping it over but really flipping it to the same side each time. Also done with a color wand. 6. Bottles liquid color changes. Simple 2nd grade science. Acid base Vs neutral base.

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