Tutorial - How to make Coffee Vacuum Machine Lightbulbs.


Sr. Dylan Tick-Tock:  Thats why you wash is like theres no tomorrow
Andrew Chin Shared: Coffee lovers who are also DIY die-hards ...
How to build a vacuum coffee maker using 2 incandescent light bulbs.
Points to note that were not mentioned in the video:
1. Wash the light bulbs thoroughly with soap and water before proceeding to build the coffee maker.
2. Use a torch to smooth out the circular edge of the upper bulb to strengthen it against cracking while you're assembling it.
3. Make sure there are no scratches on either bulb, else the bulb can implode under vacuum.
Rulof Make: +Andrew Chin  great points! thanks!
Andrew Chin: +Rulof Maker
You're welcome. Thank you.
Thomas Sebastian: I'm working in a lamp factory and can only say that there is a high amount of lead in the soldering of the lamps and also in the glass itself. Don't drink to much coffee ;)
numernine9: +Thomas Sebastian Thanks for the warning. You actually didn't knock the mans video, but also put out there some good information that some wouldn't have known thanks. In short you handled that well. 
butre jp: +Thomas Sebastian is it not silver solder?  It's not food safe either way but it's better than lead at least

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