Viperfish - Dragon with massive teeth.


Indoona: Almir, I agree it would be great to see the whole wide shot and also of the creature swimming properly in its naturally environment. In this case as I mentioned it was fimed in a tank with a self built macro lens system. Actually I've had this footage for a few years and it was not until YouTube that I saw the possibility of showing it to a wider audience. I think there are some widers shots - but very wide showing the round tank - I  will look them out and see what I can make as people are obviously interested in the trawling side from 600 metres too. 
Kevin Prat: Dragon with massive teeth: the Deep Sea Dragonfish.
Indoona: Well sadly it was barely alive as it had come up from a trawl from about 600 metres and was filmed in a tank. You can see some slight gill movements but it is on its way out. It is so hard for us to get into the real world of these creatures. It is a world without sunlight so even with submarines which use white light we are disturbing the animals there and so will not easily see natural behaviours. At the moment we have a choice of using submarines - really expensive - or trawling - damages the fish. Using ultra low light systems may be the way to go - dropping very sensitive cameras into the deep, but often the animals are even more sensitive than any camera we can currently make. Unfortunately infrared does not travel very far under water so the type of night cameras we use on the surface don't work. The deep sea is still a very tricky place to explore but on the plus side there's a lot waiting to be discovered,

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