Visiting Apatani Tribe


dhanraj doley: Really the most peaceful and Generous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

Nyamar Karbak: every tribe in arunachal is advance in every field of one most advance...and calming as most advance will be wrong and sounding so selfish...let make every tribe a most advance tribe... 

Akin Kinte: this video gives a great insight on one of the most prestigious tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Could u pls upload some more videos, if u have any??? 

gyamnya garam: thanks AYABAYA.pls upload more picture related to other tribe of Arunachal during those period.THE VIDEO are very nostalgic.Thanks to Madam  Haimindrorf,because of her now we could see our past.pls upload more

shyF0x: maybe if they used that wood and energy to conquer shit they wouldnt be history 

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