Young Girl - Tattoo Artist.


Marta D : That's so cute. look how big the gloves are. aw

Autumn Danyelle Greene: She's awesome do any of you guys think that's awesome I would be amazed if she was my kid I would give her a whole tatto kit like that or let her of someone's tatto all the time a lot because I think that is so awaken so neat and so graceful that is so awesome so neat and so graceful again so awesome so neat and do graceful that is awesome she is awesome I'm kind of jealous that awesome little kid

Autumn Danyelle Greene : wow on an orange 

IA Aria on the Planetes: Yeah >3<

john brannen: Brave girl. She will be an amazing artist. Keep practicing lil one
brandon oneal: You ppl kill me hes not teaching her how to weigh baggies of dope if shes really intrested and she starts learning now she will be at the top of the biz by 19 so were yall say fail she will be a pro while you're teaching your kids "the rightway" and they'll be at mc dees making min wage while shes working at a successful career... n by watching I can tell someone sat her down and showed her proper technique even makin me think more that she really wants to learn most kids dont have the patience Great job.

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