10 Survival Life Hacks Compilation

These are little things that could be a great help in our survival in a given emergency situation. The video shows things which we do not usually do but very profitable in our daily routine.



kiiko kita Man ,I think you are one of the coolest man I have ever come across to.Thank you so much for sharing all this awesomeness with us ,because ,honestly those hacks are something that could save people's lives .so take care ,good luck and please ,continue uploading awesome videos !Thumbs up. David Hart Haha, ever notice how Russian guys tend to be a bit clumsy and shake like they're jacked up on caffeine? lol!Jiannis Gekas +Keittis yea because he failed at putting the clips together...Ill explain it to you:If you see the can that has the stick in it you can see it has 2 holes so he obiusly tried it again before but he didnt show the other clip and the clip of him shooting the stick wasnt the same can he shot before

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