Honestly. Are you a good parent to your kids?

Are you a good parent to your kids?

Childhood is the most delicate period of personality development. As parents, are doing the most of this stage to prepare them to their future, to develop and nourished them? Or we just simply destroy them by our negligence. if we play a great role in building their personality then play it hard.

  COMMENTS: Jedward Cunterblast :Didn't realise it till I grew up, but it's so true. I've never seen my parents sober, ever, even once. It's not fun, even a little bit. They just slowly but surely grew less stable and less predictable until I wound up getting emancipated at 15. Chucking furniture at my face as a toddler, handing me razor-blades to play with at that same age, throwing temper tantrums in grocery stores like children, driving while trashed, pulling knives on me, screaming in my face and chasing me with weapons for being noticed at the wrong time, list goes on. Being trashed is fine on occasion, but if you legitimately haven't been sober for years, or decades, there's a problem. LayceeHolt121: You have no idea how much some people can relate to this. If you're talking shit on it, you need to grow up. Not only did I see my father as a monster as a kid, but also now I can't stand him. I feel stupid because I live in constant fear of drunk people, my father being the cause of it. It's traumatizing, really. And embarrassing, I lived in an apartment complex growing up, and all my friends knew of my dad as "the drunk guy who stumbles around all the time" and their parents always thought I would end up like him. The ironic part? He worked at my state's prison as a guard.

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