How to Cope up with Rejection. Suicide is not the Solution

How to Cope up with Rejection. Suicide is not the Solution 

 Step 1. Recognize the fact that suicide does not resolve anything.

 Step 2.Learn from the experience that you've been through. Do not linger too much on thinking over it again and again. This is the best time to forget. Live! A living person feels pain - this is a sign that you are still alive. The dead does not feel anything - so continue living - reject the idea of suicide. 

Step 3.Move on. Moving on is never easy, but it surely worth it. Find any meaningful diversions - engage yourself into good hobbies, sport, and other similar task.

 Step 4. Ease your burden by sharing it with your friends, close relatives, families. Share it with people who will be thoughtful enough to help you through. It is very rewarding. 

Step 5. Remember that this is not the end of everything. It is an opportunity to be strong in such way, you will enjoy life more and appreciate its beauty.

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