How to draw a Hole in 3D illusion! Must Watch!

This video will teach you to how to draw a 3D illusion which is almost real. A whole new way of drawing by understanding the details of the object and make it so real. It is one way to impress your friends and even make a poster out of it. Very impressive video.

  COMMENTS: DatGuyGaming Productions: +VamosART What art school did you attend? And the drawings look so realistic, it seems that they were photoshopped into the video.Phil Wong: Liking this piece the best out of all your work I've seen. Nathan Brown: Whoa! You have extreme talent! Keep up the great work! At first I actually thought this was a scam. I have seen things where people draw something like that, but it really is 3-D, not an illusion. I look forward to seeing more of your work!John Gomes:I don't recall the channel but this person could draw what ever Item coke can, snickers bar and you would think it was the real thing my hat goes off to you talented people who have this gift. I envy it.

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