How to Educate our Kids on the Basic Rules on Road Safety

How to Educate our Kids on the Basic Rules on Road Safety

 Step 1. Explain to our kids in a way that can be easily grasped by them that focusing our attention when walking on the road is very important. 

 Step 2. Show to your children by way of available visual aids the basic rules that pedestrian must obey while crossing the street.

Step 3. Instill in your children's mind the importance of stopping first before proceeding onto the road. This way, your kids can asses the general condition of the road. 

 Step 4. Teach them to notify the driver's attention before they cross the road. This way they can give the proper signal that they are indeed crossing the street. 

 Step 5.Impress in them the virtue obeying all traffic laws. Explain to them the meanings of the traffic and road signs for them to have mastery on Road Safety Rules. 

 Step 6. Always remind them to be cautious when walking past driveways, more particularly in obstructed or unlighted driveways. Make them understand that there is always a danger in crossing between parked cars. Under this situation, their vision are impeded and they may not see properly the approaching cars.

Step 7.Advise them that crossing the street in the proper and designated place is always safer.

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