How to Fix a Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

The video shows how to clean a clogged sink. Usual problems that we encounter everyday but can be resolved by the application of a simple know-how skills. Know this guys, this do-it-yourself video can be helpful. Instead of paying for the plumber to do a work, we can just simply do things ourselves by the help of this DIY video.

COMMENTS: Christopher Keller: Thank you very much ;)) Using the internet to help folks is very cool of you mate ;)) EXACTLY what the problem was: Soap suds would NOT go down after washing my mitts. Opened those pipes up and was pretty gross/clogged up. Cleaned up, now have to keep the fingers away from the drain, otherwise it'll suck ya down L O L..........Thank you so much again ;)) biarpac2:Thanks a million! I've done the kitchen sink but was a little unsure about the bathroom. I'm a woman and I was done unclogging and put everything back together in 30 min !!! MostlyTorso:This video was EXACTLY what I needed, and EXACTLY what the Internet was made for. Thank you so much for making this video, as you really helped me out. I started this same job on my sink thinking I could just figure it out on my own (and might have, given enough time), but I wasn't able to figure out how to get the pop-up out of the drain. A quick trip to YouTube, and BOOM! This video was professional, edited/produced well, and concise. Everything you need to know in 5.5 minutes. Well done, sir.

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