How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

            The video shows how to fold a bed sheet the proper way. Folding the bed sheet improperly will only result most possibly like a crampled paper, so here is how you do it. Learn a lot from this video guys.

Imari Mcconnell: Yessssss I got it, god bless you. This helped me so much. Coming from someone who couldn't fold a fitted sheet to save her life. Awesome video, simply amazing.u2teech:how do you put on sheet grippers sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond? instruction says use nail filer to help, but i just don't get it. since you're so good at these things. please share your knowledge. thanks. Psychoticgamer94:THANK YOU, Im actually at work right now and I am a desk clerk at a hotel *shittiest hotel ever* and some of the work from the house keeping gets rolled over onto 2nd or 3rd shift. well Im not a fucking house keeper so how the fuck am I appose to know how to fold a fucking fitted sheet? like I have ever folded one in my life? I put it in the washer then the dryer then back onto my fucking bed... as you can tell I am really frustrated with this. so thanks. agian.


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