How to Make a Basket out of Recycled Newspapers

This video teaches how to make a basket out of a recycled newspaper. Rathe than just to throw away used newspapers, it is better to learn from this video. It is very advantageous both in our environment at at the same time can be a good source of income. Hope you enjoy this.


COMMENTS: Shivani Jain:I made it yesterday only !! It looked amazing. Even you can do it upside down and pug a light in it and your lamp is ready !! Its awesome activity woww!!♥♥Streets of Copenhagen: Very nice video! Thank you for sharing :) I shall attempt this!Eden D:This will be so much fun to do with my nieces!Thank you so much for not using annoying and distracting music!This is a great DIY video! Very well done! I hate having to skip through all the talking for such simple projects! You explained everything perfectly and the quality was great!Thanks again! :D

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