How to Make a Penny Can Stove

This video shows how to make a penny stove out of an ordinary wasted soda can. Aside from the fact that you are helping to recycle the waste, you are also benefited by this in a sense that you can use it everyday as a substitute in cases your tank runs out of gas.

COMMENTS: Sean Herman:What is the benefit to poking holes in both the top and bottom edges of the stove? Does that spread the flame, or concentrate it more? FreedomPrepper:Great Project! Im going to go out and buy the supplies right now! Im probably going to try a bottle of 94% vodka everclear though. I could keep it in my bag and it would be my stove fuel, disinfectant, and of course drank sip!. Margret Sanz:I like your video's they are realistic. I really liked the one about blk plastic bags and the many usage. Is there an easier way to make stove with out all the cutting and gluing?

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