How to Pack Clothes for Traveling

This video shows the proper way to pack our thing as we travel. Surely, we do not want our luggage to be so bulky simple because it was not packed properly, that is, too many unnecessary spaces wasn't used. To those who are always on the go, this video will help you a lot.

COMMENTS: Sofie Bird: The extra steps to ensure it doesn't unravel seems wasted effort to me. Either it'll be crammed in tight against everything else (pack as you roll) or you've got the space that it doesn't matter if it unrolls a little. I roll everything and stuff into packing cubes. I can easily fit enough for a two month trip into my carry-on that way.Sophie Gist: Brilliant video thanks, I'll be trying to pack better for my upcoming trip... Loved the dog, he's like Oh No, here goes my Master packing again :-) Sabina Lee:Traveling?! Tips on packing your luggage for any trip.

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