How to remove egg yolks

The video shows the easiest way to extract an egg yolk from the egg white. This is very useful in cooking leche flan.Needless to say, you be skipping the messy part of doing such task. Hope you find this video useful. Thanks Guys!
  COMMENTS: Amelia Bee: Ugh, I always hated this trick. You always suck up more albumin than you intend to, and it won't separate the chalaza using this method, either. I just use my hands, it's simple and effective.Troy Julius:Now the question is how long do egg whites last; and is there a way to make them last longer in a sealed container? Anyone know? Marc Johnson: Shared to Black Fitness. I would like to thank you all for allowing me to join and is looking forward to getting and applying some really great tips to help me along my journey.Marc Johnson 11 months ago (edited) +Da Grant not everyone think like that. I myself know how to crack the egg and extract the egg white while leaving the yolk inside the shell...without the use of a special tool lol what may work for one may not work for another

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