How to Serve a Watermelon in Easy-to-Eat Slices

The video shows one way of serving water melons minus the messy part of cleaning the spilled juices. This way, every body can enjoy refreshing watermelons without much problems in preparing it. COMMENTS: Renata Davidson:No to me LOL :) I didn't eat watermelon too often, because it is soooo messy. Now, there is almost nothing to clean after cutting and my hands don't get sticky from juice :)Handimania:Big thanks! All our hard work rewarded by this one comment :) Stay tuned as we are going to make them a lot more in coming weeks!Volkner Tang:Love all your videos. So creative and relaxing and colourful and useful. P.S. The guy is hotLarry S:A good idea!. Thank you. I will share this one.

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