Humanity in Sports..Heartwarming video!

Humanity in Sports. It's more than just winning the game!

             This video shows that it is not always about winning. There is something more in every sports competition, and this is called respect because it transcend our mindset into something more human. Instead of submitting to their cravings to be at the top, some humbly bowed down to the call of humanity.  This video is inspiring, i hope you'll find it that way. please watch..Just sharing a good thing.


Arthur OO : I really want all humans in the world to be like this , helping each others not war , killing , steals and hating each others . Life in peace and happiness .Ezio auditore Da Firenze :The laying down goalkeeper lost the match and the other one is trying to cheer him up.And make him stand up. :)J:These are... 100% breathless videos... makes us wonder right? Why there videos are not "viral"? What's wrong with us? Thumbs up if you think in the future we can all become like them

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