Make a Garden using Old Plastic Bottles

This video shows how to make a garden using old plastic bottles.That instead of just throwing it away, one can make use of it and even profit from it by making garden to grow vegetables in our backyards. It teaches us how to make a garden possible despite a limited space that we have in our backyard. Finally, you can provide your own vegies fresh and direct from your own garden and not from the market. This is very informative.

COMMENTS: PAUL STONE: I love this video. Congratulations on this being your 300th video. I love gardening and I love recycling and this video is very helpful. I've got a gardening channel myself and I think it would be great if you could check it out and tell me what you think of my channel and my videos. I've subscribed to your channel and I look forward to following you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.The Abled Gardener:Great uses for plastic bottles in the garden, I use some myself as watering devices. I love the last one using it for a planter, the kids at my daughters preschool will be doing this one. Thanks Huw.Cate's Garden:These were great! We've been cutting down on plastic in my household and recycling what we do use (or reusing without throwing away).

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