Sphynx Cat scared when the man growl.

It’s not a good idea to scare animals, but the way the reacted is just really funny. Now, this video has over 800 thousand hits on YouTube. 

Hey YOU ! Stop scrolling down.I have to warn you don't waste your time reading the comments below. it's the biggest bullcrap i have ever read

Oh my! I just ran out of Kleenex because i've sat here for the past hour crying after seeing this sexist display of animal abuse. This male wasn't receiving enough pleasure from his female partner, so he shaved his cat to make it look more feminine. He realised that the cat cannot provide sufficient pleasure, so he forced his female partner to film him torturing said cat. It sickens me seeing a male torture both a female and a cat in the same video, shame on Reddit for upvoting this filth!

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