The Filipino couple became a millionaire by selling ice candy

           This couple has given inspiration to many people. They have shown that success can be attained if you’re really determined to be successful. What is important here is for a person to really work hard, sacrifice and be optimistic. Who would ever think that this couple can make their business prosper when they only have 20 pesos as their starting capital? Well, if they can do it, anybody can also do it. Anybody can also turn their peso into thousands. Every centavo earned is important because a hundred peso will never become 100 if it lacks even a single centavo.

COMMENTS: Bhogs Enrie: Very Inspiring history imagine 20Pesos to make in 1million and growing bless that's wow for me it's an exsamples for those very poor citizens who try their best in many ways just make your self creativities.....thomas lee: This is a very sound example that all poor couples must follow. With talents and will power, this business will flourish, God bless.

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