Did you know that Vin Diesel was a break dancer before? Throwback!

Watch Vin Diesel break dance before he became a hollywood celebrity. A breif throwback of the past will surely put a smile on the face of Vin Deisil Fans.
  COMMENTS:Walter Richards-Grams +TheBigfranco1 LOL i gotta throw this out there but he's an actor they learn in a very short time to lose the accents. Its a huge part of the profession, it works in reverse too ever heard Hugh Laurie speak not on an american set?kev3d "What?! How dare you shock and surprise me with this embarrassing footage from my past! Oh, by the way, I brought the guy who was in that video with me here today. What a coincidence!+B-boy StuntZ What you don't know, is there was more to the video than what they showed on this. While i agree not all of it was break dancing there was some break dancing involved in the longer videos. You can find the longer video on youtube if you look for it.

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