Good Parenting: How to be a Good Parent.

1. Be affectionate and make them feel that you love them. There are many ways to show your affection such as hug, kiss, words of encouragement and a lot of things. It is important that they know how you feel about them. 

 2. Encourage your children. When your kids achieved something good or made some accomplishments, see to it that you recognize them. This way you can boost their confidence and empower them to do more. 

 3. Never compare your kids- preferring one from the other. It will only result into competition.Under such situation, the siblings will see each other as a contender on who deserves recognition. You will only create division among your children. 

 4.Proper communication is indispensable in every relationship. Communication does mean that you always talk to them, it also implies that you listen to what they are going to say.Listening is part of communication. If they have problems, do not scold them because it will only add up to their burdens. Listen and provide the solution, suggest a means by which, the problem can be resolved.

5. Spend time to be with your kids. One thing that most people forgot is that they sacrifice too much for work, busy working to the extent that we forgot the very reason why we work.We work to provide for our families - of course aside from other things -but sometimes, we are already sacrifing our family for a penny. Spend time with your kids - believe me - it means a lot to them

6.Be supportive specially in their milestone. Make them see that you are there to support them, that you are looking forward for every memorable moments which will take place.

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