Tips on How to be a good friend?

Tips on How to be a good friend? 

 Step 01. You walk your talk - meaning if you say something like a promise, see to it that you really intend to do it.Remember, it is wrong to say that promises are meant to be broken - it is the other way around. So keep your promises so as not to disappoint your friends. 

 Step 2. Be someone whom your friends can depend upon.Being dependable does not necessarily mean that you are always strong as if indestructible so that others can always depend on you. No! It is enough that in the midst of a hard situation, hard times - you are there to console their feelings, to edify their weakness, and above all to listen. We all want to be heard, when we have problems. That's a fact!

Step 03.Apologize. When you made something wrong, show them that you are sincere in asking for apology. Note that to apologize does make you a lesser human. In fact, it makes you more dignified. 

 Step 04.Honesty is always a good policy. Be honest to your friend. What ever they may be doing, wherever they may be - show them that you value your friendship and that you have no intention to destroy it. Do not use them - a user is never a friend but an opportunist who takes advantages at the very expense of those people that surround him. In short - Get Real! 

 Step 06.Loyalty. When someone reposed their trust, you must keep it intact. If they tell something confidential, it means they trust you and that you are worthy to be trusted. The best way to keep this trust is for you to be loyal to your friends. As once said in a movie " your secret is safe with me"-and that must be so.

Step 07.Respect your friends and value he friendship! You can not just simply do hastily what you want to do or say what you want to say even if they are already offensive to your friends. Constructive criticism is good however there is always a better approach to tell them. If you find something is wrong in what your friends are doing and you want to rectify them, find a way to make them understand and make them feel that you love them that is why you are correcting their blunders.

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