Warning: Teach your kids not to talk to strangers! Social Experiment

This video shows how our kids could be easily lured and be taken away. All it takes is to offer them ice cream and then -gone! Nothing is wrong in being cautious rather than to lose our beloved kids and suffer the rest of our life. The message is simple - teach your children not to talk to stangers.

COMMENTS:1nf3ct3dTT So somebody who would want to somehow harm this children would go all the way to lure them into a truck with icecream as bait instead of just taking them by force. roflI. Kristian Niss seriously don't get what the issue is. "but.. we could potentially be harmed!?!" yeah no shit. You could die any moment. Assuming that all friendly, unknown adults are rapists is fucking sad.zeyshaan rafiq Shouldn't make fun of a serious issue...it's that very innocence that some individuals seek to take advanta

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